Ultimate Hardware 2019 BETA About Board

Intel Classic/PCI i486 (Alfredo)

Form factor:
Baby AT
Chipset: Intel 420TX (PCIset TX Saturn) [SIO (82378IB), 82423TX, 82424TX]
Dimensions:231mm x 267mm
CPU socket and platform: Socket 3 (PGA237) 486 486 (DX4)
Supported RAM size and types: 128 MB 72-pin FPM
Cache: 0 B 128 KB
BIOS images:
Manuf. POST String Note BIOS Ver. Core Ver.
AMI 1.00.10.AQ0
I/O ports: Expansion slots: Known issues:
  • 1x Floppy interface
  • 2x IDE interface
  • 1x PS/2 keyboard
  • 1x PS/2 mouse
  • 1x Parallel
  • 2x Serial
  • 3x 32-bit PCI
  • 5x 16-bit ISA
  • DALLAS RTC may be flat
  • Bad/leaky electrolytic capacitors