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IBM XT (TYPE 5160) 64-256KB (6323560, 6323362, 6181655)

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Form factor:
Dimensions:273mm x 218mm
CPU socket and platform: DIP40 8088
Supported FSB speeds: 4.77MHz
Supported RAM size and types: 256 KB
BIOS images:
Manuf. POST String Note BIOS Ver. Core Ver.
IBM 1986/05/09
IBM 1986/01/10
IBM 1982/11/08
IBM 1982/08/16
Expansion slots:
  • 8x 8-bit ISA
Supported CPUs:
Model Speed FSB Voltages L1 Cache L2 Cache L3 Cache Core Process TDP Part Number
Intel 8088 5MHz 5MHz 5V - - - - - - D8088
Supported NPUs:
Model Speed FSB Part Number
Intel 8087 5MHz 5MHz C8087