Ultimate Hardware 2019 BETA About Board

Soyo SY-020A / SY-020B

Also known as: Soyo 486-33-256

Form factor:
Chipset: ETEQ ???? ('491) (Cougar/Bobcat 386DX/486DX chipset) [ET82C491, ET82C493]
Dimensions:314mm x 288mm
CPU socket and platform: 486
Supported FSB speeds: 25MHz 33MHz
Supported RAM size and types: 64 MB
Cache: 64 KB 256 KB
BIOS images:
Manuf. POST String Note BIOS Ver. Core Ver.
Expansion slots:
  • 12x 16-bit ISA
Supported CPUs:
Model Speed FSB Voltages L1 Cache L2 Cache L3 Cache Core Process TDP Part Number
Intel i486 DX 33 33MHz 33MHz 5V 8KB (Write-Through) - - P4 1000nm - A80486DX-33
Intel i486 DX 25 25MHz 25MHz 5V 8KB (Write-Through) - - P4 1000nm - A80486DX-25