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Soyo SY-5BT5

Image by Microhouse

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Form factor:
Baby AT
Chipset: Intel 430TX (PCIset TX Triton II) [82439TX, PIIX4 (82371AB)]
Dimensions:254mm x 218mm
CPU socket and platform: Socket 7 (PGA321) Pentium (P54) Pentium MMX (P55)
Supported FSB speeds: 50MHz 60MHz 66MHz
Supported RAM size and types: 256 MB 72-pin EDO
Cache: 512 KB
Language Media type Name Quality OS Compatibility Security
English Intel PIIX Busmaster IDE Drivers (1997) Undetermined Conformity win95 Windows 95 , winnt3.5x Windows NT 3.5 , winnt4 Windows NT 4.0 , os2 3.x OS/2 Warp 3.0 ? , win95 Windows 95 OSR1 , win95 osr2.x Windows 95 OSR2
BIOS images:
Manuf. POST String Note BIOS Ver. Core Ver.
Award 07/28/97-i430TX-W977-2A59IS2BC-00 2Mbit 2SA5 4.51PG
Award 07/28/97-i430TX-W977-2A59IS2BC-00 2Mbit 2A5 4.51PG
Award 02/04/1999-i430TX-W977-2A59IS2BC-00 1Mbit 1B7 4.51PG
I/O ports: Expansion slots:
  • 1x Floppy interface
  • 2x IDE interface
  • 1x PS/2 mouse
  • 1x Parallel
  • 2x Serial
  • 2x USB 1.x
  • 4x 32-bit PCI
  • 3x 16-bit ISA
Supported CPUs:
Model Speed FSB Voltages L1 Cache L2 Cache L3 Cache Core Process TDP Part Number
Intel Pentium 200 200MHz 66MHz 3.3V 16KB (Write-Back) - - P54CS 350nm - A80502200
Intel Pentium 166 166MHz 66MHz 3.3V 16KB (Write-Back) - - P54CS 350nm - A80502166
Intel Pentium 133 133MHz 66MHz 3.3V 16KB (Write-Back) - - P54CS 350nm - A80502133
Intel Pentium 100 100MHz 66MHz 3.3V 16KB (Write-Back) - - P54C 600nm - A80502-100
Intel Pentium 150 150MHz 60MHz 3.3V 16KB (Write-Back) - - P54CS 350nm - A80502150
Intel Pentium 120 120MHz 60MHz 3.3V 16KB (Write-Back) - - P54C 600nm - A80502-120
Intel Pentium 90 90MHz 60MHz 3.3V 16KB (Write-Back) - - P54C 600nm - A80502-90
Intel Pentium 75 75MHz 50MHz 3.3V 16KB (Write-Back) - - P54C 600nm - A80502-75
AMD K5 PR200 133MHz 66MHz 3.5V 24KB (Write-Back) - - 5k86 350nm - AMD-K5-PR200ABX
AMD K5 PR100 100MHz 66MHz 3.5V 24KB (Write-Back) - - SSA/5 350nm 15W AMD-K5-PR100ABQ
AMD K5 PR133 100MHz 66MHz 3.5V 24KB (Write-Back) - - 5k86 350nm 14W AMD-K5-PR133ABQ
AMD K5 PR120 90MHz 60MHz 3.5V 24KB (Write-Back) - - 5k86 350nm 12W AMD-K5-PR120ABQ
AMD K5 PR90 90MHz 60MHz 3.5V 24KB (Write-Back) - - SSA/5 350nm 14W AMD-K5-PR90ABQ
AMD K5 PR75 75MHz 50MHz 3.5V 24KB (Write-Back) - - SSA/5 350nm - AMD-K5-PR75ABR
AMD K6 266 266MHz 66MHz 2.2V 64KB (Write-Back) - - Little Foot 250nm 14W AMD-K6/266AFR
AMD K6 233 233MHz 66MHz 2.2V 64KB (Write-Back) - - Little Foot 250nm 13W AMD-K6/233AFR
AMD K6 233 233MHz 66MHz 3.3V 64KB (Write-Back) - - Model 6 350nm 30W AMD-K6/233APR
AMD K6 233 233MHz 66MHz 3.2V 64KB (Write-Back) - - Model 6 350nm 28W AMD-K6-233ANR
AMD K6 200 200MHz 66MHz 2.2V 64KB (Write-Back) - - Little Foot 250nm 12W AMD-K6/200AFR
AMD K6 200 200MHz 66MHz 2.9V 64KB (Write-Back) - - Model 6 350nm 20W AMD-K6-200ALR
AMD K6 166 166MHz 66MHz 2.9V 64KB (Write-Back) - - Model 6 350nm 17W AMD-K6-166ALR