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[ADD] Mitac Typhoon 52-M9

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Relecture du sujet - [ADD] Mitac Typhoon 52-M9
Auteur Message
Sujet du message : Re: [ADD] Mitac Typhoon 52-M9 Citer
The name of that is Typhoon 10+

I need to dig up the ctechinfo archives. This board was used in other series too i think.
Publié : 17 sept. 2020 23:24
Sujet du message : Re: [ADD] Mitac Typhoon 52-M9 Citer
I have added this board here : Compaq PRESARIO 5200 SERIES (1st board of 2)

I haven't added your image though because it's taken in an angle, please take a photo where the motherboard is properly in front of the camera like here for example :
Publié : 01 sept. 2020 17:45
Sujet du message : [ADD] Mitac Typhoon 52-M9 Citer
Manufacturer Name: Mitac

Motherboard Name: Typhoon 52-M9, or Compaq part 320645-001

Motherboard Schema: Similar to Baby AT in size, MVP3, ES1869F audio, ATI Rage LT Pro AGP 2X iGPU

Supported memory: PC100 up to 384 MB

Supported CPUs: Any Socket 7/Super Socket 7 CPUs (though I've only ever seen these tested with AMD CPUs, but the Compaq site says a configuration with a Cyrix MII was available)

Photos: [ img ]
[ img ]

Manuals: None, it's a Compaq OEM board.

Motherboard BIOSes: Compaq BIOS, 686A1, latest BIOS link:

Notes: MVP3 based board
10 mbit DEC Ethernet
Parallel port
Audio out
2 PCI slots, 2 16-bit ISA slots
SODIMM used for additional memory for iGPU
Schematic here: ... bdjum.html
CPU jumpers here: ... .html#DIMM
Publié : 01 sept. 2020 07:00