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2M (diskette utility) [en]

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Publié : 06 mai 2017 14:34
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2M 3.0 date de mars 1995, à une époque où Windows 95 n'était pas encore sorti.

La documentation donne une astuce pour que ça tourne sous Windows 95 beta 2 :
Citation :
Although under Windows 3 it isn't necessary to perform any special tricks
(it is sufficient to have 2M installed before loading Windows) under new
Windows 95 beta 2 (October 94) 2M disks aren't supported directly, but it is
possible to make them work without encountering any big problems.

The user will need to configure Windows 95 to remove its floppy drives
control; in this way, it will use ordinary BIOS (and so, 2M, loaded before
Windows 95 from CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT will work). If you happen to be
in Windows 95 at this moment, try to select the Control Panel and choose the
System icon. Having done this, click on the Device Manager option. Select
Floppy Disk Controllers to expand it and then choose the Standard Floppy Disk
Controllers option. Inside this option, a window will appear - here you have
to disable the "Original Configuration" switch in the Device Usage box, using
the mouse pointer to remove the enabling cross. When exiting, Windows will
ask you if it should reinitialize itself, answer yes. 2M will now be fully
operative from this moment, both in DOS Windows and inside the Windows 95

Returning to the window where the Standard Floppy Disk Controllers option
appears, users are advised that this option is to be blamed. Disabling this
option doesn't mean that there won't be any support for floppies, as Windows
does not manage diskette drives - floppies are handled by MS-DOS 7.0 and BIOS.
The problem is that Windows 95 is very slow with diskette drives in this
configuration. In fact, with this option enabled, the system nears to collapse
when using floppies which are very slow but still operative (it is recommended
that users have plenty of patience, as the mouse pointer does not respond and
will eventually hide). The copy command can take up to two or three times
longer than under DOS... and aren't performed with multitasking.

Users who aren't happy with this system slowness (whose cause I don't know
but doesn't seem to be related with multitasking, since OS/2 doesn't have this
problem and has better multitasking) can forget the Windows environ and the
use of DOS COPY command under the DOS Window: another option (which I
recommend) is using Pierre J. Le Riche TurboCopy utility for DOS, available on
the same FTP and BBS sites as 2M, under the name TCPYxxx.ZIP; this program
does not halt the system and has similar performance under Windows (its use is
very similar to COPY and it is the tool for professional file copy boys). 2MF
also does not freeze the system for any reason, and multitasks well with other
applications without slowing down the system. The problems appears to be
located in the interface between MS-DOS 7.0 and Windows 95... and perhaps
will be resolved in the final release.

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