Multitasking Dos and Win311 in Standard mode
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Auteur :  sockmonkey [ 18 mai 2020 06:18 ]
Sujet du message :  Multitasking Dos and Win311 in Standard mode

Right now I use Deskview and EDRDOS with Win311.

I use a packet driver and packet driver muxer in Dos, with trumpet winsock in Win311.

This way I can have networking in Win311 (standard mode) while also having network access for multitasked Dos applications.

Its working pretty good. But I was wondering if anyone has heard of other Dos multitaskers, that support Win311; in standard mode. I've tried Taskmanager from Opendos. But it is limited to 64Mb total system memory and doesn't work on all my systems. I like it better than Deskview. But it is a little buggy and can't see all the system memory.

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