Win 3.0 Apps Not Included in Windows 3.1x
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Auteur :  alphakilo470 [ 24 déc. 2010 10:21 ]
Sujet du message :  Win 3.0 Apps Not Included in Windows 3.1x

This information might not be useful for most people. I was playing around with a copy of windows 3.0 w/ Multimedia extension and noticed a few goodies included that didn't make their way into Windows 3.1x. Most notably, an app called musicbox.exe which is a CD player. Also has an alarm clock app (only works properly under Windows 3.1x if you run it after having also copied the file digital.fon from Windows 3.0 w/ MME), an odd screen saver, a few different wallpapers, the Reversi game as well as an updated version of the MS-DOS executive people would know from Windows 2.x and 1.x. I recently tested all of the mentioned programs under Windows for Workgroups 3.11 on a Gateway system with an 83mhz Pentium Overdrive and they run without any issue. Of these, the musicbox app strikes me as the most useful as most of the CD player apps I've found on the internet for Windows 3.1x seem to be shareware. The alarm clock app also seems nice because it lets me change the color of it's line, text and face and those color changes apply to the minimized icon as well.

Auteur :  watlers_world [ 21 janv. 2011 20:03 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Win 3.0 Apps Not Included in Windows 3.1x

I dont usually use a cdrom
so I havent tested many cd rom players

uploaded 2 more freeware cd players
let me know if they work

also uploaded a second test program that makes use
of the dynamic joystick drivers
it should work with up to 8 joysticks(with 3+ buttons)

wat say?

Auteur :  alphakilo470 [ 05 mai 2011 03:09 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Win 3.0 Apps Not Included in Windows 3.1x

Wow, has it really been almost 4 months since my last post? Time flies!

The joystick app looks nice. I'll try that sometime. A few months ago I sold my 486 system but just recently got a Micron Pentium system that I'm planning to make into a Win 3.1 system.

As for the CD player app, I might as well check those out too. I just thought it was funny that Win 3.0 came with a CD player but not 3.1. I had simply worked around that by copying the CD player app from Win 3.0 to a Win 3.1 installation. All the apps Win 3.0 has will work in Win 3.1. I'm guessing Microsoft only wanted the total setup package to only span a certain number of floppies.

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