Automate Windows 3.x boot and computer shutdown
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Auteur :  Big Monstro [ 25 juil. 2014 17:07 ]
Sujet du message :  Automate Windows 3.x boot and computer shutdown

Here is a small tutorial which explains how to automate the Windows 3.x boot and the computer shutdown after the closing of Windows 3.x, just like most systems on Windows 9x/2000 or later. This behavior is convenient and very easy to implement !

This trick works fine on physical and virtual machines with APM support (firstly, you should ensure APM is not disabled in the BIOS). Most motherboards released after 1995 support APM whereas some earlier ones support it too (APM was actually created in 1992).

Now, here the guide:
1) download that freeware:
[en] Shutdown v1.2 by BlackLight (4 Ko) Clics : 53
2) decompress and then copy SHUTDOWN.COM to the the computer running Windows 3.x

on the computer running Windows 3.x
3) for convenience, I suggest to move SHUTDOWN.COM on the root C:\
4) open AUTOEXEC.BAT (located at C:\) with a basic text editor
5) add the word « win » to the end of AUTOEXEC.BAT
6) then, add « SHUTDOWN –S » as the last line of the file
7) save AUTOEXEC.BAT and exit the text editor

If you correctly followed the above instructions, AUTOEXEC.BAT must end by these two lines :
In the future, your computer with Windows 3.x will behave exactly like another with Windows 98 : the GUI will start immediately after the DOS initialisation AND hardware shutdown after closing Windows :)

Last advice: MS-DOS 6.0 or later is recommanded. Indeed, if you sometimes use DOS programs in real mode, you could easily doing that by pressing F5 or F8 at the startup. This feature didn't exist in DOS 5.0.

Auteur :  watlers_world [ 06 sept. 2014 18:59 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Automate Windows 3.x boot and computer shutdown

With windows 3.1 you don't have to wait for windows to exit.
As long as you do not use a write cache you can turn off your computer at any time.



Auteur :  Nintenloup [ 12 avr. 2015 07:50 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: Automate Windows 3.x boot and computer shutdown

I found a little mistake big monstro
Citation :
Here a small tutorial
It would be better to put :

Here is a small tutorial.

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