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Shuttle HOT 419

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Publié : 19 déc. 2020 17:31
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I guess this is a mother board update--

Manufacturer name: Shuttle
[required!] Motherboard name: Shuttle HOT 419
Motherboard schema: Baby AT; OPTi895 Chipset
Supported memory: 4x72 Pin FPM, 32MB each, up to 128 MB total
Supported CPUs: Socket 3; 5v Only ( Has pads for 3.3v regulators, but components are not on this version of the board)
[required!] Photo(s) of the motherboard: (must be over 800x600 res and not blurry; either you must be the owner of the photos or these ones have to be free)

Motherboard BIOS(es): ... enustate=0
Notes: (if you have any useful piece of trivia about the motherboard like fake cache, bad caps, etc)
MR Bios available for this board
Supports L2 Cache up to 512Kb

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