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Update for Shuttle/Holco HOT-555A

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Sujet du message : Update for Shuttle/Holco HOT-555A
Publié : 11 févr. 2021 14:23
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Finally got around to taking a High-Res picture of my Shuttle HOT-555A, as such, I have provided them here along with some other information to improve the UH19 page for the HOT-555A

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Manufacturer name: Shuttle Inc (Holco)

Motherboard name: Shuttle/Holco HOT-555A

Motherboard schema:
[ img ]
Supported memory: 72-pin EDO/FPM x4, SDRAM x2 (NOTE: DIMMs are capped to 64MB, SIMMs have a maximum limit of 128MB)

Supported CPUs: Pentium (Socket 5, 7, MMX, from 75MHz to 200MHz), Advanced Micro Devices K5 (PR75 to PR200), Cyrix (and IBM, STMicroelectronics variants) Cx6x86/Cx6x86L (PR120 to PR166), Cyrix Cx6x8MX (including variants, from PR166 to PR266), Advanced Micro Devices K6 (from 166 to 266MHz, according to manual, although I do not think that K6 266MHz chips exist)

Photo(s) of the motherboard:
[ img ]
(warning: extremely large image)

Manual(s): ... s/en/555a/

Motherboard BIOS(es): Award PCI/ISA PnP (fails to recognize HDDs larger than 32GB?), can be found here:

  • I personally tested mine with a Intel Pentium 233 MMX (Intel S-SPEC: SL27S) unfortunately the board turned out to be unstable and would act erratically with a P233MMX CPU, I have not tested other MMX chips or other (K5/K6, Cyrix and so on) CPUs, currently running rock solid with a Pentium 133. Looking over on Internet, it seems that i am not the only one who has ran into this issue.
  • This motherboard could in theory work with Microid Research's MR-BIOS for i430VX boards but unfortunately nobody seems to have found this version of MR-BIOS.
  • This motherboard's VRMs (as it is a split-voltage rail board) come without heatsinks (instead the motherboard's ground plane acts as a heatsink), perhaps it could be possible to desolder the existing VRMs, mount a small VRM heatsink under them, and resolder them or ideally replace with drop-in equivalents.
  • The manual mentions a SCSI BIOS built into the motherboard's BIOS, I cannot find any traces of its existence.
  • I found an archive containing a whole lot of Shuttle Motherboards, the 555A seems to be among the list:


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