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Publié : 08 mai 2020 14:23
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Microhouse Technical Library
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Microhouse Technical Library is a program made by Microhouse, containing a lot of information about computer hardware (motherboards, expansion cards, hard drives...). Later, a pirate copy came out online, "Total Hardware". Microhouse was apparently acquired by EarthWeb in 1999 and its Technical Library was no longer updated.

[en] [cdrom]x1 Microhouse Technical Library (1995 demo for Upgrading and Repairing PCs 5th edition) (190.9 Mo) Clics : 89 [certified] [win] 3.1x
[en] [cdrom]x2 Microhouse Technical Library 2.0 (Q4 1998) (1.05 Go) Clics : 90 [certified] [win] 3.1x & 9x & NT4

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Publié : 09 nov. 2020 01:18
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I still have an actual working CD in my basement somewhere with the original mhl.exe that was cracked and modded to bypass the required hardware dongle. I was using it up until around 2004 to research old motherboards, hard drives, and I/O cards when I had to service equipment and the owner didn't have the original documentation and I couldn't remember what the jumper settings were. It also was invaluable for backward researching equipment to find out who actually made it, the model and version of hardware it was, and to see who else rebranded specific items and then resold them.
It was a great source to have. All I'd do is install it onto a system, then replace the original exe with the modded exe, and voila! For faster service and for systems without an optical drive you can copy the CD contents to any folder, and then use the susbt and assign commands (if both are needed) to point MTL to fetch the data files from the hard drives directory instead. This preserved the life of the cd that would normally get scratched by the drive in normal use.

Not sure what version I have but I can probably dig it out if anyone still needs it these days. Just PM me.

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