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Win 3.11 on CD

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Publié : 05 juin 2013 05:07
Hello everybody, I want to install this version of windows from a CD, I don't have enought diskettes so i came up to this: put the documents on a cd and intall from a boot disk. This could work? Where can i find the windows 3.11 in files, not disks images. Sorry about my broken english.

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Publié : 05 juin 2013 08:42
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yes it work, i did it.

you can take it in image format, and extract the files from the images.
create a folder named MSWFW1 and put inside the content of each diskette.

burn this (a the slowest speed you can, 4 or 8x) on a cd, you can too make your cd bootable, but i don't really know how..., but it's possible.
if not, boot from a dos floppy wich contain cd support, or install cd driver on your previously installed dos. and... here it is :)

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Sujet du message : Re: Win 3.11 on CD
Publié : 05 juin 2013 17:48
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I did it too. The simplest way is to install MS-DOS before normally with floppy disks, and then install Windows 3.1 with a CD-ROM containing all files of the floppies (you do not need to create folders). So the only thing to do is creating an ISO file (with UltraIso for example), inject all the files extracted from floppy images, and then burn this ISO on a CD-R (do not use CD-RW, some old CD-ROM drives barely supports CD-R and cannot read a CD-RW)...

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