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Lotus 1-2-3
MS-DOS, Windows 3.x


[en] This program contributed to the development of PC market in the 1980s ! Lotus 1-2-3 was launched on January 1983 and combined three features (spreadsheet, database management system, and graphical charts): that explains its name. From 1989 to 1992, there were two distincts series : versions in real mode (8088+) and those in protected mode (80286+). That explains why the versions 2.4 and 3.4 were released at the same year (1992), and the version 3.0 is actually older than the 2.3 and 2.4. In 1994, the last Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS was released : 4.0, only available for the protected mode. The version 4.01 was compiled for Windows.

[fr] Ce programme a contribué à l'essor du marché des PC dans les années 1980 ! Lotus 1-2-3 fut lancé dès janvier 1983 et intégrait trois fonctionnalités (tableur, grapheur et gestionnaire de données), d'où le nom. De 1989 à 1992, il existait deux branches parallèles : versions en mode réel (8088+) et celles en mode protégé (80286+). Ceci explique pourquoi les versions 2.4 et 3.4 sont sorties la même année (1992), et que la version 3.0 est plus ancienne que les 2.3 et 2.4. En 1994, l'ultime Lotus 1-2-3 pour DOS fut commercialisé : 4.0, disponible seulement pour le mode protégé. La version 4.01 fut développée pour Windows.

Screenshots (Captures d'écran)
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Downloads (Téléchargements)
Real Mode (8088+)
[en] [floppy35dd]x5 Lotus 1-2-3, version 2.4 (2.8 MB) Hits : 188 [certified] [dos]

Protected Mode (80286+)
[en] [floppy35hd]x4 Lotus 1-2-3, version 3.4 (4.4 MB) Hits : 145 [acceptable] [dos]
[en] [floppy35hd]x6 Lotus 1-2-3, version 4.0 (7.8 MB) Hits : 211 [certified] [dos]
[fr] [floppy35hd]x6 Lotus 1-2-3, version 4.01 (7.1 MB) Hits : 445 [acceptable] [win] 3.x

[fr] [floppy35hd]x8 Lotus 1-2-3, version 5.0 (10.3 MB) Hits : 172 [acceptable] [win] 3.1x

Compatibility issues (DOS versions)
I strongly advise to run Lotus 1-2-3 on a (ancient) physical computer. Depending on emulation or virtualization software, the program may not work properly. That's the case of versions 3.x and 4.0 within Oracle VirtualBox: http://www.os2museum.com/wp/running-1-2-3-r3-in-a-vm/ (a workaround exists : running them on Windows 3.1x). The result is better with Virtual PC. About the version 2.4, there is a display bug when running within VirtualBox, Virtual PC and even DOSBox. I had to run it on pure DOS environment, and I managed to make a screenshot thanks to Screen Thief.
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Lotus 1-2-3

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