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Request: New Software Ideas

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Publié : 02 juil. 2021 23:26
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Very nice !

I'll still answer to you in english because this is the international board and I wouldn't like to mix languages here, also I think my english level is good enough (can you confirm ? :D ). I don't claim I'm bilingual at all, but I don't have a lot of trouble to write english personally (speaking it is a different story, my accent is terrible lol).

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Sujet du message : Re: Request: New Software Ideas
Publié : 16 juil. 2021 23:17
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Hi. I'm still around. Today I got hold of a hardcopy of the book I've been using, Sam's Teach Yourself Windows Programming in 21 Days. Until now I've used the digital copy on

The book is decent, much better than other Sam's books I've perused in the past. I'm not doing it strictly chapter per day, so it goes slower. I have just about finished week one of the book.

I'm changing things, and compiling all examples for 386, and not win32. I believe that'll make 7zip doable, but also not require win32s; which is problematic for some people, such as on win-os/2. Here is a screenshot of a demo, runing my development system, compiled for 586, but the 7zip project itself will be slated for 386 as a base system.


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