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To improve the content, submit a thread by filling in fields you want to improve.

[required!] URL on
Motherboard schema:
Supported memory:
Chipset: SiS Rabbit (85C310/320/330, 82C206)
Supported CPUs:
Photo(s) of the motherboard: (must be over 800x600 res and not blurry; either you must be the owner of the photos or these ones have to be free)
Manual(s): (not mandatory but it helps documenting the motherboard a lot)
Motherboard BIOS(es): (manufacturer name, POST string and version)
Notes: (if you have any useful piece of trivia about the motherboard like fake cache, bad caps, etc)

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added the picture& chipset, thank you :)

BTW the "AR412A" marking is the actual model name. GVC is having that naming scheme (AR/MR/KR-3 digits). So it is listed as such from now on.

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