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Building SQLite for MS-DOS

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Post subject: Building SQLite for MS-DOS
Posted: 30 July, 04:15
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Hi guys , I'm new here. I wondered if SQLite is made for embedded systems, that means it also works on MS-DOS too.

I tried to build `sqlite3.exe` from the latest amalgamation source code (version 3.42.o since I wrote this) for MS-DOS using DJGPP, but I got flooded by error messages talking about `fopen()`, something like that.

I have asked on the SQLite forum and I can't get any solutions from there

I've also heard that it could be built successfully, but it involves modifying the source code. I could use GCC but I have 0 experience on C, so could you please help me??

Thank you for letting me ask this question in this forum.

Post subject: Re: Building SQLite for MS-DOS
Posted: 30 July 2023 13:36
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fopen is a function in C brought by stdio.h that is used to open files. It may have to do with the include files or a different .H name for DJGPP. I don't really know

You should definitely get some experience in C before trying to do this, try to build it in the "appropriate" environment (windows/linux) first and see what you can do :)


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