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Post subject: Rules on the Win3Board
Posted: 07 March, 14:20
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Rules on the Win3Board
Last update: 18/07/2016

Here are the general rules. All registered users have to comply with them, in order to maintain a coherence on this website.

1. The respect of each other

Insults, personal attacks and uncalled-for remarks are strictly forbidden, even in case of anger. If the troublemaker persists, please call the moderation team.

No sensitive subject is allowed (discrimination, politics, porn, etc.). The anyone's privacy must be respected: no significant personal data should be appear publicly.

2. The respect of spelling

If you are not an expert in writing, please note that numerous programs (including most current browsers) are shipped with a native spelling checker.

The voluntary faults and SMS language are not allowed, they're painful at reading... Punctuation is also important and shouldn't be neglected.

3. This website is, not

Programs available here are released prior the 31 december 1999 and/or are freeware. Moreover, they work on one or several operating system(s) came out on the market before that deadline.

Please avoid to request Office 2000, Windows 2000 or later versions... However, you can discuss about newer hardware and software in the forum "Other discussions".

About the documentation, upload numerical copies of books related to retrocomputing is tolerated unless these books are still on sale.

4. The sources of external links

Please post only applications uploaded on your account (file hosting service), your personal servers or on reliable servers (like well-known FTP addresses).

Any post with dubious or unsafe links (risk to virus...) will be deleted and announced to its author.

5. The illegal serials

We don't want to talk with judges nor to see the forum closed. Therefore, serials are strictly forbidden, apart from the newly freeware (see the list of the English ones).

Any crack or serial given will be erased, and of course sanctions will be taken. These sanctions can come from the simple warning to the banishment on the forum.


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Post subject: Newly English freeware
Posted: 30 August, 17:22
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Post subject: Re: Rules on the Win3Board
Posted: 18 July 2023 16:45
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The rules have recently been updated. We suggest you to read them carefully.

With a few exceptions, all programs for PC released in the 1990s are allowed.


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