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Web Browsing using 3.x

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Publié : 07 déc. 2010 05:22
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Shucks, I could have sworn I saw something of the sort once but maybe I was thrown off. Closest I could find was this on Google just now:

However, while you wouldn't have any luck with Win 3.1 unless you wrote your own drivers, I'm sure if you found a 16-bit PCMCIA wifi card and an ISA PCMCIA socket, you might be able to get somewhere with Windows 95 or later.

Next time I plug my old Gateway 2000 system into the network, I'll give Opera a try. I've been thinking about coming up with some sort of networked use for it. So far, all I've done with it on the internet is post on this website and dilute my intelligence in IRC rooms. I mostly just use the computer for old video games and emulators.

BTW, I doubt this tidbit will help most people but I found out tonight that the ATI Rage XL PCI cards actually work with the newer ATI Mach 64 drivers that float around on some parts of the internet. Huge improvement in display response though I suppose that's for another thread. Well, I could scrape some relevance by mentioning that since most video cards around in the Win 3.11 era were cruddy 1mb and 2mb cards that not only drove low resolutions but painted the screen slow, if you have an actual Win 3.1 box on the internet, I'd highly recommend finding a nice (relatively speaking now) video card. If the system has PCI slots, a Matrox Millenium or ATI Rage video card is the way to go. If you have VLB, try finding a Mach 64. Back in the older times, 2D performance was very relevant.

Oh, on a side note, if this forum would find it a good addition to the drivers collection, I found a copy of Pen Services 2.0 for Win95 compatible with the Mitsubishi Amity VP and the ThinkPad 360P/750P after a damn long time of searching Google. As it is right now, finding those drivers seems easy only if you can read Japanese or have the patience to decipher the cryptic Google translations thereof.

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Sujet du message : Re: Web Browsing using 3.x
Publié : 13 déc. 2010 21:53
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That's a very interesting set of drivers indeed. If you want us to put them up on the site, you can start a thread in this forum: viewforum.php?f=49 .
No need to make the request in French if you can't.


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