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UMC 8886B IDE device drivers
MS-DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, IBM OS/2


[en] Here the "UM8886B-N PCI BUS IDE DEVICE DRIVERS (V3.3)" drivers. They come from my diskettes, so they are authentic. Work only with UMC 8886B chipsets.

[fr] Voici les pilotes "UM8886B-N PCI BUS IDE DEVICE DRIVERS (V3.3)". Il provient de mes disquettes, ils sont donc originaux. Ne fonctionnent qu'avec les chipsets UMC 8886B.

Download (Téléchargement)
[en] [floppy35hd]x1 PCI-IDE UM8886B-N (194 KB) Hits : 176 [acceptable] [dos] [win] 3.1x & 95 [os2]
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IDE Controller (UMC 8886B chipset)

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Post subject: Re: IDE Controller (UMC 8886B chipset)
Posted: 17 June 2023 12:55
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merci beaucoup, je le cherchais :)

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