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Install Windows for Workgroups 3.11 with Internet support

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Sujet du message : Install Windows for Workgroups 3.11 with Internet support
Publié : 25 mai 2010 18:42
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Because I struggled to succeed that, I wrote this tutorial to help you!

Step 1
Install MS-DOS. For beginners, there is a another tutorial.

Step 2
After reboot, start the Windows for Workgroups 3.11 setup program.
At the "Network Setup", click on "Networks...", then select "Install Microsoft Windows Network" and "OK".
Click on "Advanced >>", then on "Drivers...". If no network adapter is detected, select "Add Adapter..."
If your network adapter is not on the list, choose "Detect" or "Unlisted or Updated Network Adapter" (insert your drivers floppy disk if required).

Now, install the TCP/IP protocol...
Click here to download the protocol files (662 Ko) Clics : 1808
At the point, hit "Add Protocol..." => "Unlisted or Updated Protocol", insert the floppy disk with TCP/IP files and confirm (OK). Set TCP/IP as default protocol and then hit "Setup...". Enable the automatic DHCP configuration and define your default gateway (= IP address of router or computer sharing the Internet connection, usually Go to "DNS": type the computer name (Host name), the domain if you have one, and the optional DNS by clicking "Add ->". Return to the previous windows and go to "Advanced" to enable "DNS for Windows Name Resolution". Close the TCP/IP configuration (click twice on "OK"), close "Network Drivers" and continue Windows Setup.

Step 3
Windows for Workgroups 3.11 is now installed with the proper network configuration! Copy the installation files of Internet Explorer 5.0 to your hard disk - through the network - or on a CD.

Start its installation by running setup.exe (use the file manager). Follow the instructions except for modem configuration (cancel that) and reboot when the program asks you.

Caution: Systems with more than 40 MB of RAM
The setup program wrongly reports you don't have enough memory. In that case, run SETUP.EXE /f:16

Step 4
Back to Windows, DO NOT START INTERNET EXPLORER!!! Instead, go to the Control Panel => Internet Properties. On connection tab, a message notifies there is no modem installed. Close it and select the local network. Set the other parameters as you want, close the Internet Properties and finally reboot. Now, you can run Explorer and surf on the Internet :D

Last notes:
  • If an error message displays at the Internet Explorer startup, don't pay attention. It actually works.
  • Obviously, don't expect to get a good experience on today popular websites with Windows 3.11 and IE5...

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Sujet du message : Re: Install Windows for Workgroups 3.11 with Internet suppor
Publié : 07 sept. 2015 00:20
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The above text is the English translation of "Internet avec Windows pour Workgroups 3.11".

Although I translated the tutorial myself, I attributed the previous post to the original author.

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